When Lee Dritson awakes on 7-22, he’s not too sure what to expect, whether green skies, strange all-knowing Mrs. Robinsons, or guest lectures from the Venerable or even the Honorable, Bede, or any combination of these, on any given 7-22… and if there’s something he should be remembering, just on the tip of his… memory? Understanding? Well, luckily there’s a few folks around to help him write the thoughts.

“…this story doesn’t just move, it sprints and red-shifts, and then backtracks sometimes in the damnedest way you’ve ever seen. There’s a smartass computer who could be HAL’s clownish second cousin; there are dungeons; there are torturers; there is torture (but not all what you’d expect); whether or not there is romance is something I’m still not sure of, so that’ll be your call; and, yes, Tazmanian tigers. Very important.” (from the introduction by Gary A. Braunbeck).