Adrienne Jones

Meet Elliot, respected Cape Cod painter. Unbeknownst to his admirers, Elliot’s got some demons in his past. When he tries to paint them out of his system, his plan backfires. Now Elliot’s got some demons in his present and future as well.

Spawned by a power of both mind and matter, Elliot’s demons are very real, very weird, and very, very pissed off.

The people in Elliot’s life called him ‘closed off.’ So he looked inside himself. Deep inside. What he found, he brought to the surface. Now its violent manifestations are holding him hostage at his beachside cabin. Worst of all, they know how to sing and dance.

brine ISBN 9781894953511
ISBN (eBook) 9781894953610
Print Price (USD) $13.95
eBook Price (USD) $2.99
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"Have you ever cracked a book open, begun to read, and hours later realized that you've spent all your time absorbed by the pages in front of you? Well, that's exactly what happened to me with this book...Brine was absolutely amazing, and surpassed my expectations by many miles, and then some! That's why I'm giving it 9.5 TARDIS's out of 10." -The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review