Sparks and Shadows

Lucy A. Snyder

Creative Guy Publishing is very pleased to bring you this new edition of Sparks and Shadows, originally published by HW Press.  Sparks and Shadows won the 2008 Editors’ Choice Black Quill Award for Best Dark Genre Collection. The award is sponsored by Dark Scribe Magazine.

This collection of seventeen short stories, seven poems and four humour essays from Lucy A. Snyder will appeal to any reader of the dark fantastic. By turns touching, chilling, surreal, wryly satiric, seductive, macabre and laugh-out-loud funny, this book will take you from adventures in the farthest reaches of outer space to the darkest shadows beneath the surface of modern America.

sparks ISBN 9781894953658
ISBN (eBook) 9781894953665
Print Price (USD) $14.95
eBook Price (USD) $3.50
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"Snyder has a unique voice and her work is almost instantly recognisable. ... It's rare to encounter a writer who so loves words and the changes that can be rung and the tricks that can be played. Rare and precious. But because of Snyder's versatility, it's difficult to give an overview of this collection. Every piece is different, and every piece demands attention. ... Dark, funny, and romantic by turns, Sparks and Shadows is a must read. Go! Buy! Read!"
— Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine

"(N)ot only does Lucy A. Snyder write truly intelligent horror that is both witty and political but her stories and poems tap the feminist potential of horror to illuminate the shadowy extremes of both love and hate. ... Whether you are looking for dark fantasy or horror or just something to tickle your funny bone, I recommend you pick up a copy."
— The Green Man Review

"The short stories and poems in Lucy Snyder's debut collection range from dark to very dark to sexy to hopeful, often with a wry twist of humor ... Highly recommended ..."
— Sequential Tart

"At times poignant, witty, erotic, thoughtful, chilling and maniacally gleeful, Sparks and Shadows is a delightful collection and book length introduction to an author to watch."
— Horror Reader

"Lucy Snyder's Sparks and Shadows is everything you could want in a short story collection. Elegant, beautiful prose, deep emotional writing and powerful stories. Do yourself a favor and grab this one!"
— James A. Moore, author of Serenity Falls